Pumpkin Seed Oil Secret

Experts call it the treasure of Varaždin, a small town in the north of Croatia famous for its premium pumpkin seed oil. Its popularity among food lovers is growing since its unique taste is unmistakeable.

The traditional pumpkin seed oil is usually prepared as a mixture of pumpkin seed and sunflower oils, typically half and half. We have managed to obtain for you renowned oil from a small farm. It makes a thousand litres a year at most, and puts quality first.

It is self-evident that our premium pumpkin seed oil does not contain any preservatives or additives. It contains 60% pumpkin and 40% sunflower oil, which makes its flavour more distinctive and pique.

Only a few people in our country know that pumpkin oil belongs to the most wholesome foods, and that it has beneficial effects on human organism and helps treat a number of health problems – from digestive to heart problems. But the main thing is that it is a fantastic delicacy still waiting to be fully discovered in the Czech Republic. 

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