Dragica Lukin, the Confectionery Legend

For preparing our confectionery and pastry we rely on tradition and so we invited a Croatian confectionery legend, Dragica Lukin to come to Prague. She has prepared our dessert concept and trains all our cake makers and pastry chefs.

Dragica Lukin is a celebrity in the world of sweet. And connoisseurs know very well that when the phenomenal tennis player Novak Djokovič has a craving for sweet, a dessert from Dragica is his preferred choice. 

Dragica Lukin favours old school, honest confectionary craft, based on using the best quality ingredients. Beware: those who try out her products have difficulty in getting used to anything else.

The renowned Croatian confectioner has selected and prepared about two dozen desserts and sweets for you, popular nut baklava and juicy poppy seed cake with pumpkin to name just two. 
And the greatest hit? Try guessing, it´s easy. Well, it´s fluffy kremšnita, which is whipped yolk cream with vanilla between two golden pieces of puff pastry, and then put in the fridge to cool. Charming taste, dangerously addictive.  

What about... olive oil?

Festina Lente has prepared a tasting corner of olive oil. But olive oils are much more interesting than they might seem at first sight.