Glass Cube Story

This may be the first time you have seen something similar, or you may have seen a similar concept before. However, our glass cube located in the restaurant entrance hall attracts everybody´s attention. Not only its looks, but mainly its contents.

It is actually a modern cooling box, which enables us to offer you first quality produce all year long. Produce, which besides looking beautiful, smells and tastes superb. For example, our sweet cherry tomatoes are unbelievably addictive. You try them once and you will always come back to get some more. 

We have several proven channels that we use to transport the best vegetables of the world to Šárka. We usually import it from Munich, where it gets by air from Asia, Africa or South America. In winter and in spring you can enjoy ripe and sweet melons, juicy pineapples or fragrant mangos.

Our mango arrives from Peru, pineapple comes from Ghana and the refreshing maracuja is from Vietnam. The fruits typically arrive within two or three days since their harvest. They are beautifully ripe and ready for you to enjoy them

Dragica Lukin, the Confectionery Legend

For preparing our confectionery and pastry we rely on tradition and so we invited a Croatian confectionery legend, Dragica Lukin to come to Prague. She has prepared our dessert concept and trains all our cake makers and pastry chefs.