What about... olive oil?

Festina Lente has prepared a tasting corner of olive oil. But olive oils are much more interesting than they might seem at first sight.

Even olive oils can be tasted. At Festina Lente you will find a tasting corner where you can use the olive oils offered to compare. These are Leccino, Bjelica and Buža. During the tasting you can focus mainly on the smell and taste. The color of olive oil has no effect on its quality, it is intended only for variety and ripeness, the bitter and mild burning taste is typical for olive oils. Oils should be sensitive to being used so that they can be used. Article 2 (2) shall be replaced by the following: Article 2 (3) shall be replaced by the following: 2. Článok 2 ods.

It is an Italian variety from Tuscany. But since 1940 it may have been in Istria. Its qualities are especially in the preparation of vegetables, meat and seafood.

Bjelica Istria comes from Boljunac near Trieste. It ripens later than other varieties. The ideal harvest time is at the end of October. It is one of the oldest and highest quality varieties.

The most used olive oil in Istria and northern Italy. Very good oil with a bitter bitterness combined with a spicy taste. It is particularly suitable for fresh ingredients and fish such as salmon or tuna.

Olive oil is a vegetable oil from olive pressing. They are mainly used in the manufacturing and manufacturing of the pharmaceutical industry. Olive oil is a typical part of Mediterranean cuisine. Eating olive oil is considered to be beneficial because it contains unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E.

Olives are harvested from October to January. It depends mainly on the variety and degree of maturity. For extra virgin olive oil with olive oil, but pick up the prepared nets and pick them up manually. In order to preserve as much health benefits as possible, and by mechanical cold pressing. .
Quality olive oils are suitable in cold dishes. In general, olive oils do not tolerate temperatures above 180 ° C.

Olive oil that helps reduce the risk of severe cardiovascular disease, ie heart disease. It contains antioxidants and vitamins (eg Groups A, D, E and K). It also benefits skin and hair. Olive oil is among the five most beneficial raw materials in the world. It has a number of beneficial and healing effects on the human body. Effective Effective Effective Effective Olive Oil is for other purposes.

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